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Happy Birthday Marines - 10 November 1775

242 Years  &  Still Kicking Ass



  We Are Marines  -  We Follow Orders 

We Go Where We're Told  -  and We Win When We Get There



General Pete Pace USMC

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

General Pace was a Platoon Leader with Golf 2/5 in Vietnam in 1968

the card below was recently left at the wall by General Pace

click on card to enlarge

Lance Corporal Guido Farinaro was KIA on 30 July 1968,

then 2nd Lt Pace was his Platoon Leader.

In a recent interview General Pace is quoted as saying that he can still remember the names and see the faces of the Marines whom he served with in Vietnam. "I never want to lose that," he said. "Under the glass on my desk is a picture of Lance Cpl. Guido Farinaro of Bethpage, N.Y., a 19 year-old corporal killed by a sniper. He was the first Marine I lost in combat. I keep his picture as a reminder that he and Lance Cpl. Chubby Hale, and Lance Cpl. Buddy Travers and Cpl. Mike Witt and Staff Sgt. Willie Williams and all the others who died following my orders. I can never repay that."

Pete Pace is one first class General, my thanks to Rocky "Rocketman" Fortner for sending this in.



Lima 3/3 REUNION

31 May thru 3 June  2007  - in Naperville, Il - outside of Chicago

Reunion Photos    Click Here


America will Remain the Land of the Free

only as long as it Stays the Home of the Brave


If you Cherish Peace more than your Freedom,  You Could Lose Both


Update 10 Sept 2007 -- Vietnam Wall Defaced

check out the following link for more info


Hanoi JANE and the Pinko Left are up to their old tricks again.

Most recently Jane Fonda and Cindy Sheehan were to attend a planed protest at the Vietnam Wall in DC.

But they never showed up, thanks to about 35,000 Vietnam Veterans who patrolled the Wall during her scheduled Protest

If you want to find out more info or want to attend the next Gathering of Eagles in DC on 15 September,                                   

go to     www.eaglesup.us         www.GatheringOfEagles.org






Our Hearts are with our Brothers & Sisters at War 

Our Thoughts and Prayers are with their Families here at Home



Military Certificates

Vietnam Issued Certificates

In memory of Frank Pavone, 0331 3rd Platoon MachineGunner Lima CO 1965-1966. Frank was my brother and best friend .

 Agent Orange finally got to Frank on 29 Feb 2012 

In memory of John Ripley, 1939-2008 Beloved CO of Lima Company and a Damn good Leader

In memory of Rocky Fortner, 0351 Lima Company Rocket Team Leader 1965-1966. Rocky was also a Victim of Agent Orange

In memory of John E. Miller, 0351 1st Plt Lima Co 3/3  1965-1966    John passed on 16 August 2002 

John survived Vietnam but lost the ultimate battle with complications from a 5 year old Heart transplant.  John was the major motivator behind my starting up this web site, he  was my friend and a damn good Marine, he will be deeply missed.

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